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3rd October 2019

Introduction to Natural Wines

Natural wine is the drink du jour and has grown massively in popularity over the last five years. Only a proportion of our wines are natural but 99% are organic, biodynamic, vegetarian or vegan. However we have recently grown our range and the natural wines which we do stock are good. But along with Laura Bennet we thought it was the ideal time to introduce this type of wine to a whole new audience. Laura has been in the wine trade for 20 year and currently works with the major importer Enotria and we could not think of a better person to cover this ground. Natural wines are produced without adding or removing anything during winemaking both in growing the grapes and making grapes into wine. They are different to the terms organic and biodynamic but many natural wine producers follow as a minimum biodynamic in the vineyards and farm organically. But do not worry this is not heavy duty we get to taste delicious Fizz and 5 table wines.

Please note: This is a past event