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20th November 2019

Meet the Winemaker/Winery

Katie Jones Wines from the Languedoc

Katie has an amazing back story and we first met her in 2018 and were as impressed with her wines as we were with her. Katie’s Languedoc ‘adventure’ was revealed by Jancis Robinson who was hugely impressed at her conviction to establish her own independent vineyard with her husband against local antipathy. Now she is coming to do a full blown tasting with 20 of our lucky customers. She has a lot of new kit so is bringing her own film and slide show and we will get taste and learn about 7 wines in her range. Carignan Gris, Macabeo, Grenache Gris, Grenache Gris , Carignan, and Along Came Jones new superstar wines.

Please note: This is a past event