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Our Tasting Room allows us to host a huge variety of events. The tutored tastings cater for all – from the complete novice to the experienced enthusiast. The room may also be hired for private tastings or to host an event. We have had tastings and classes covering almost all of the main wine regions in the world, from Newcastle to New Zealand.

Upcoming Events

30th June 2022

Lets do South Africa with Adam Renwick

Arguably one of best wine regions of the today, South African wine is at a stellar moment. Adam Renwick is the man to tell us why.

Past Events

9th June 2022

Sustainability in Wine with Greig Wilson

Sustainability is becoming a key concern for any self respecting winery, Greig Wilson explores how this is being done via a tasting of wines from the winemakers who are prioritising this approach.

26th May 2022

The Wines of North West Spain 7-9pm

Masterclasses and Tastings

Steve Day of Liberty wines is both an expert and an enthusiast for the glorious wines of North West Spain.

This is the first opportunity to host our annual wine fair since 2019

Carruthers & Kent ‘Reboot’ Wine Fair 8th May 2022. Wylam Brewery

The 2022 'Reboot' Wine Fair at Wylam Brewery Great Hall in Exhibition Park. You can taste 100 wines across 10 tables the Fair starts at 2pm and finishes at 5.30pm.

28th April 2022

Chateau St Michelle Evening with Craig Mitchell

Masterclasses and Tastings

A fabulous night with Craig Mitchell the UK and European representative of Chateau St Michelle. Featuring 7 of their great wines with a few nibbles thrown in.

3rd March 2022

Beyond Vermouth Thursday March 3rd 2022

Non-Wine Events
30th April 2021


Non-Wine Events

We host tastings and masterclasses for other tipples too: Our gin events are a regular hit: you can try a variety of gins, usually between 5 and 7. Tonics are matched to get a great combination of flavours. Gin making has a lively history and we tell you all about it and then you infuse your own gin to take away and finish with our signature cocktail.

20th November 2019

Meet the Winemaker/Winery

Masterclasses and Tastings

Katie has an amazing back story and we first met her in 2018 and were as impressed with her wines as we were with her. Katie’s Languedoc ‘adventure’ was revealed by Jancis Robinson who was hugely impressed at her conviction to establish her own independent vineyard with her husband against local antipathy. Now she is coming to do a full blown tasting with 20 of our lucky customers. She has a lot of new kit so is bringing her own film and slide show and we will get taste and learn about 7 wines in her range. Carignan Gris, Macabeo, Grenache Gris, Grenache Gris , Carignan, and Along Came Jones new superstar wines.

3rd October 2019

Introduction to Natural Wines

Masterclasses and Tastings

Natural wine is the drink du jour and has grown massively in popularity over the last five years. Only a proportion of our wines are natural but 99% are organic, biodynamic, vegetarian or vegan. However we have recently grown our range and the natural wines which we do stock are good. But along with Laura Bennet we thought it was the ideal time to introduce this type of wine to a whole new audience. Laura has been in the wine trade for 20 year and currently works with the major importer Enotria and we could not think of a better person to cover this ground. Natural wines are produced without adding or removing anything during winemaking both in growing the grapes and making grapes into wine. They are different to the terms organic and biodynamic but many natural wine producers follow as a minimum biodynamic in the vineyards and farm organically. But do not worry this is not heavy duty we get to taste delicious Fizz and 5 table wines.

3rd October 2019

With The Feathers Inn, Sicily comes to Stocksfield

Masterclasses and Tastings

Our longest running collaboration has been with the fantastic Feathers Inn. And a least once a year we take a charabanc (mini bus to you) up to their multi award winning Gastro Pub. We pair our wines with Rhians fabulous food. This year our theme is Sicily and we have a mouth-watering six course dinner accompanied by six of the great wines of Sicily

23rd June 2019

Gonzalez Byass Sherry Tasting

Masterclasses and Tastings

Gonzalez Byass was established in 1835 in the home of sherry, Jerez. Over the years their cellars are one of the star attractions in the town. But you don’t need to visit Spain to try them, Hamish, our man from Gonzalez Byass is here to introduce you to his sublime collection of sherries. And you can sample them in our Tasting room in the heart of Gosforth. This evening we will be tasting 9 of his collection, some of which are 30 years old, some sweet, some dry, all delicious. And to top it all of we will be furnishing our guests with Spanish tapas served from our Deli

21st June 2019

North Chocolate and Whiskey Pairing

Non-Wine Events

Put a selection of North Chocolates, in a room full of our customers, pair them with a great range of Scottish Whiskey’s and invite the magnificent Beverly Stephenson the maker of North Chocolates to talk about the art of the chocolatier while you nibble and sip to your hearts content. What a great way to spend a winters evening.

27th May 2019

Bogle Wines of California

Masterclasses and Tastings

Bogle Wines are BIG in the US, but less in evidence here, except for our shop, where will sell oodles of it and it is lush. We first met Jodie whose father and mother established the winery, in 2011 and she has visited us periodically since then.

This year Jodie will be showing 9 wines, but we feel the star of the show will be the new Phantom Chardonnay Jodie always charms with fantastic stories about the winery and its goings on, but equally the stories about each individual wine form the Petit Sirah to the Chenin Blanc and the Original Bogle Phantom Red.

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